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Condoms can be provided for free on the health posts but why not sanitary pads?

"Condoms can be provided for free on the health posts but why not sanitary pads? Sex is a choice but menstruation is not. When the new sunrise can be seen that you can count the days to five. Waiting for food to be given like an animal and you

expect about hygiene? "

Born in the Asian world we're normal to get biased just because we are on our menstrual cycles. Can you imagine living on a shed that's literally of shoulder height, alienated  from the society, sleeping alone in cold , fearing of wild creatures ? You have to grasp some dried grasses to hoist yourself. Holding your breath when the new sunrise can be seen that you can count the days to five . Waiting for food to be given like an animal and you expect about hygiene? Even the animals in zoo are safe inside their cage , even they're treated well. How unsafe and how insecure is to live under such a small space ? Sounds like a nightmare but that's the fact. Yes, I'm talking about the chhaupadi pratha.

 Do you think it's only the wild creatures that attack ? But how about those wild creatures who have worn a mask of a human being? Calling themselves proud men. Many of the women get raped during their lives in the shed . Just Because society calls them impure and contaminated. Mainly the Hindu communities of the Asian countries like India , Nepal have the similar cultures of alienating the women from society, rituals , and prayers. But the  disappointing fact is not only the Hindu communities but also the Islams do bias on women, they are not allowed to fast, during their Roza .

  Moving eyes  apart from uneducated, rural areas of the Asian world, the country like Nepal and India has still the prevalence of treating the women in different way just because she's on her periods. Being called modern, educated, you still believe in keeping your distance just because you're bleeding? Being modern is not about how you live, what you wear and how luxurious your life is, it's about your thought and your mentality. What's the difference if you act the same like those who are illiterate? Education is the light to change your thoughts and replace them by optimism so that would enlighten the world.

  You teach your students that mentruation is a natural process that occurs in every women on the onset of puberty. And you get back home and bias your daughter , then the education that you've received is of no benefit.You're one of them who's wearing a mask . Following a ritual and being superstitious are two different things . One must be aware enough to ask themselves a question why am I doing this? Just find a valid reason that won't hamper any creature.

A girl starts to bleed when she enters the age of  12_15 and till she gets about 45_50  .This is the process where the layer called endometrium ( a layer of uterus) bears structural changes. The cycle continues with the growth, degeneration and exfoliation repeatedly about on the gap of 28_30 days and lasts for 5_7 days.This is just a cyclic change occuring in the uterus of women that she has entered a reproductive age.

Besides social discrimination , the menstrual health hygiene is also a bit backward in some part of the Asian world including Nepal. There are still some women who lack sanitary pads, using clothes instead. The clothes can cause rashes , urinary tract infections and many other problems related to genitalia including cervical cancer.  About 90% of women dying in country like Nepal is because of cervical cancer.  How unhygienic and unsafe is using a cloth?  It is neither disposable nor it is sterilised to be safe . It's not just a cloth but changing your sanitary pad , tampons and mentrual cups at least in 4 hours can bring a positive change. Be conscious enough about your health and of others too. Keeping self hydrated , choosing a right and healthy diet including a bit of exercise.

The rural places of the countries are still not aware about the menstrual hygiene , the most crucial role is played by the course book , it should be included crystal clearly about the menstrual hygiene. The schools and health posts can provide at least sanitary pads for free. The women, mothers must be taught first so that she can educate the whole family . Girls at schools are still shy enough to talk about their periods openly. It is the society who build the thoughts. News,social media , and the most essentially health personnel play the most crucial role in making people aware . Some of the schools in Nepal and India has started vending machine to provide sanitary pads , it's a good initiative and must be spread throughout the world. The condoms can be provided for free on the health posts but why not a sanitary pad? Sex is a choice but menstruation is not.Wrapping the sanitary pads in the paper if it's a bomb or a gun , why so shameful? It's just a pad, everyone does bleed. His mother, his daughter , his sister , everyone. And when it comes to attending a important religious rituals,women take pills to delay the period. It's the same religion that's alienating you from the society, from your rights so be strong enough to speak about it.Taking pills to delay your periods for the rituals would be a stupidity. Be aware enough before taking any kind of drug.  A positive step towards the women health can save the lives of so many.

 Rather than being conscious about the taboos be conscious enough to buy a pad for your wife, daughter, sister. The change is not brought by words , but by actions . Actions speak louder than voices. Respect for women can emerge from culture. Teach a right culture to your child so that he will bring a positive change in the society tomorrow.





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